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What's in the YouTube pack?

500 Animations in 25 different theme designs

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How the
animations works

Download the YouTube animation pack (Works on desktop editors only)

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Import your animation on to your editing software timeline.

If you’re worried they might not work on your editing system, download our demo clip below to test it out.

Camtasia and Filmora have recently removed support for this file type 🙁 

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  • - 500 Call to action animations
  • - Transparent backgrounds
  • - Use on desktop editing software
  • - Easy to resize and move

For YouTubers
by YouTubers

As the owner of a couple of small YouTube channels, I noticed a big difference in how people treated me more seriously when I focused on making better looking graphics and animations for my videos.

The thing is though, not everyone has the time, software and skills to be able to produce graphics and animations that set their YouTube channel apart. The Underdog Collective was set up to help these people with easy to use, slick YouTube artwork that’s easily used with most desktop editing software. And because I love YouTube, there’s a brand new channel to support this business that documents the journey of the project from birth to growth. (hopefully)

You can staple them to your mums head if you like. 

But seriously, you can use them where ever you like, on a single YouTube channel’s content. 

This also includes promotion of that YouTube channel’s content. 

So you could add them to the channels Facebook or Instagram content too. 

You can not use them on multiple channels or multiple brand’s content. 

Unless you beat me at a game of Uno, challenge me on Instagram @ed.underdog

On a more serious note, this business is just one dude selling animations, so if you’re going to screw anyone over, have a pop at Apple, they have billions to spare. 

Ensure you have downloaded the demo animation here first. 

If that works, then you’ll have no issues.

The animations have different themes and colours and are designed to be drop and go. 

I’ve designed them so you won’t need to edit them.

If you want some customised designs, message me on Instagram @ed.underdog. 

Check them all out here before you purchase to ensure you do. 

You may apply however Underdogs must

  • Produce good looking videos
  • Make quality content
  • Have a vision for their channel
  • Be in the marketing sector
  • Have a channel that deserves to be bigger


You can apply here