100 Social Media
Video Frames

Use the sliders to see all the frames, don’t worry about picking a favourite, the pack contains them all.

The Wavy Framey

A fun and funky frame for those don’t consider themselves strait laced.

The Twit

A subtile hint of twitter for those that love to tweet.

The Ledge

A slight ledge to raise your video up to another level. 


Passers by won’t be able to ignore the wonkyness of this frame.

My Own Personal Fave

I got lazy with the name here but I just really like these ones. Almost kept them for myself

The Texture

For those that like it rough

The Paper

Report the news or make your own headlines

Baby Waves

10x your waves for a jagged edge

Do Quote Me On That

The antidote to all of those boring motivational quotes you see on social media

This Isn't Facebook

The least boring thing about LinkedIn in frame form. 

Insta Frame

Use Insta frames for Insta fame

Gradient Disco Party

Slap your viewers around the face with a colour attack on the senses

The Dark Pack

Subtle dark textures for that go with anything

The Frame Frame

Put yourself in the frame with bold edges and pungent colours 

What A Drip

One of the more risky options, it wont suit most but it will sure set you apart. 

Escape To The Circus

Frames that say “Look at me mummy!”

Pointing Isn't Rude

Arrows guide the eye, and that means more clicks, views and better engagement

Up your social media video game

For way less than a few beers too many

£ 9.99
  • 100 Call to action animations
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Easy to resize and move