Course 3: How to write videos

How to set up your content for success. Strategy, goal setting and more






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Why invest your time here?

For us writing is video. It ensures it’s smart, detailed, entertaining and that everything goes to plan when filming, which takes the pressure off. Learning to write opens doors and enables you to produce content faster and to a higher quality which when you’re producing video on a regular basis is a life saver.

Completing this course will:

Who is the course for?

Personal brands who want their videos to stick out and brands who want to differentiate with their content.

We believe that video is all in the prep and writing, then it’s polished off in production and the edit. Learn to write great content and you’ll have a powerful weapon at your disposal.

This video will take you through the basics of writing video scripts.


They say you have 5 seconds to hook someone with a video. We disagree, you have longer in many cases but the intro needs to hold your viewers attention and make them want to watch the next section no matter what.


Stories are the most powerful device you can use when writing, this video will teach you how to use them and why.


Props can add a lot of creativity to a video but use them in the wrong way and you’ll just distract your viewer. This video will walk you through how to use props the right way.

This video takes a look at what makes a great vlog and how you might use these findings to write better videos.

Although we believe you should do as much as you can to make a video that is dressed for success, you never (even after years of practice) make perfect content.

This video will talk you through the methods software companies use to improve their software so you can get over being perfect and start producing videos (that don’t suck too much).


Quick fire learning

These slide decks will recap and educate you fast. Click left and right on the image to move through the deck.