8 Free tools to create the best video titles 🛠

So you’re going to make some videos huh? Congratulations, you’re gonna be huge, you’re going to be the next Marilynn Munro the next Frank Sinatra you’re going to be looking back and wondering why on earth your videos did so badly….

That’s right, yes you’re going to be on stage providing quality content, hopefully, but just because you feature in your videos doesn’t make you the star. 

To make content that grows followings and captivates a viewer, you need to make them the star instead. 

Video is all about the people watching it; without them, you are just someone talking to themselves, and to make them the heroes in this story, you need to produce content they’re interested in, they seek out online to watch and when they love it, will share it with more people. 

The, when you have an audience, maybe you’re a star too, but you can never forget that your videos are for your viewers first. 

So here’s 8 free tools to use to work out the best video ideas that’ll make your viewers feel like celebrities, grow your following and build your brand. 

What is a trend?

A trend is when something gains popularity, so when the Coronavirus hit, the video calling platform Zoom, began to pick up a lot of search terms because it was relevant to the moment. 

A trend is content that has a lot of interest in it at the current moment or even over an entire year thus producing an upward search trend. 

An example of un upward search trend is TikTok. It has been increasing for month on month. 

If you can find the trends your viewers care about that are hot topics and “of the moment” or are rising consistently month on month, then there’s a chance you’ll produce a video that gets a lot more interest. 

Google trends is best free tool to work this out. You simply type in the topic idea for your video in to the search bar and it will show you whats trending. 

So let’s use “Zoom” as an example. 

If we type in “Zoom” you can see the massive spike in traffic when the virus disrupted the world, and now the trend is slowly dipping. 

Zoom search trend

If you can catch the trend at the start, then there will likely be less competition, and you’ll get in early and dominate search, social, YouTube, you name it. 

You can set it to track just Google or you can change it to YouTube search trends.

This is interesting because search traffic isn’t dying off as fast on YouTube as it is on Google so depending on where you want more traffic you will need to check both. 

Scrolling down the screen you will find the related queries section. 

Zoom video title ideas

What you can see is a list of videos that would be popular with your audience no matter what platform you’re using. 

Zoom tutorials for beginners is a breakout topic for example. Its hot! So this could mean its an excellent topic to cover 


Target your location

Google also provides you with  a map to make sure your target viewers in your  desired location are interested in your topic and potential query. It will even break this down to which state in the USA is searching for your topic the most. 


Take note

Write down all of the queries that Google trends throw up that you could make in-demand content about and then using the rest of the tools in this blog post, work out the best way to write your titles for the best chance of ranking and getting found. 

Here’s the results of using this technique on our own channel for a video about Zoom video calls. 

Search trend result

We made two videos on the topic, one about using a webcam with it and one about using a digital camera.

Anyway, one video got 500 views and the other 30,000 in an 8 week period.


Why trends rock!

Trends are an amazing opportunity to produce content your viewers care about and could enable you to get found faster, en-mass.

This is due to the fact there could be less competition at the start of a trend meaning you can get in early. If your content is high enough quality it should be able to avoid sinking down the ranks and pick up more suggested views too.



You should not, I repeat not, make videos about trending topics if it has nothing to do with your niche. 

Its also worth noting that this is not as effective on a granular level. 

Go check it out, find a trend, jot down your ideas and then step over to number two in our best free tools to work out YouTube video topics adventure. . 

If you’ve not got the free Tube Buddy tool then download it.  Upgrading is up to you and the free version is excellent. 

Tube Buddy has a tonne of features but when it comes to working out your video ideas its where it offers the most value. 

To do so, access their keyword explorer, add your keyword and you can see how popular a desired topic is, how hard it will be to rank and how well optimised other videos you might compete against are.

TubeBuddy keyword explorer

It will also suggest other keyword ideas for your videos and if you’re on the paid version you’ll get a significantly larger list. 

You can still use it to gauge the popularity of content even if you’re focus is on building an e-mail list.

What’s popular on the world’s second-largest search engine should translate to most other platforms. 

Combine this with Google trends and you should be able to spot winners and then work out exactly the best title to appeal to your viewers. 

This is another powerful free tool for gathering more data from search.

You can type in an idea and it will provide you with the number of searches per month, how competitive the search term is, and how difficult it is to rank for keyword ideas that are relevant to this topic. 


If you give them your e-mail, you’ll also see the search terms over a year which is like a mini google trend. 

But it goes deeper, much deeper. 

The image above uses Zoom as an example.  You can see the huge spike but also how people clicked on content about the video calling software on the coloured bar in the bottom left corner. 

So the majority came from SEO. 

Another incredibly useful feature is you can see the age range of the people who searched for it, so in this case, it was mainly 35-44. 

If that’s your target viewers, age group, then you’re in luck. 

Things like referencing TV shows and music they’ll have grown up with in your content will really make them feel like a superstar. 

Ubersuggest also gives you questions people use on related topics, suggestions and comparison topics to explore. 

These “Vs” topics are usually quite popular search terms and are great for video ideas. 

It also shows you the top ranking websites for the term so you can take a look at what else people have produced on the topic and plan your videos to be more detailed than theres or more current. 


Only interested in social media?

Oh and if you thought this was of no use because you only care about making videos for social media, then have no fear. You can see how often these websites are shared. 

With these first three tools, you should be able to generate enough in-demand video topics for the rest of your life. 

Now let’s move on to some other free tools to use if you’re focused on getting more social media views of your videos. 


Social media can give you some clues as to how popular the topic is you want to produce a video about. 

Search hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, and check out the conversations people are having and how many hashtags there are for your topic. 

Are there lots of questions being asked and unanswered?  Is your topic popping up a lot?

Hashtagify.me is tool you can type your idea into, and it will show you this information.


How best to use hashtags?

To get results from these on most platforms, you don’t want to target the most popular but the most relevant. So when you’ve worked out the search interest, find the hashtags that are most targeted to it as well as the ones with larger volumes of search and include a mixture in your final post. 


Search for your idea on Youtube and then check out the comments on the most popular videos. 

You’ll find loads of questions people ask, which will allow you to fill in the blanks that the creator has missed out. 

Sometimes you will find the same question being asked over and over again.

This is a sign that you can make a whole video just answering this to make super relevant, highly engaging YouTube gold. 

You can do this on Facebook, Instagram or any platform with a search option too. 

Quora is like Google but instead of being shown web pages made for a tonne of people, individuals answer your questions.  

Sign up to the platform, and ask questions about your channel niche. 

Ask questions based on the topics we think we should make videos on. You’ll get back answers from people which will not only help your titles but give you more ideas. 

The other way you can use it is to search for the questions people are already asking about your potential video idea.  It will throw up a tonne of questions people have asked, you can note down the most common ones and make videos on these or add the answers to your main video. 

It allows you to beef up your content and make videos people really want.


A sneaky little tip 

Here’s a sneaky little tip, when you’ve made your YouTube video, you can then go back and post it as an answer and help those people out who without knowing it has helped you. 


7. Suggested search

This one you hear a lot. Type your idea into Google and YouTube and you’ll see the most popular searches for your idea, which might get your brain waves ticking. 

suggested search

8. Polls

Lets assume you’ve built or are building a following of the right people. One super simple way to get more ideas is to let them decide what to make. 

content idea polls

If you have over 1000 subscribers, you can put out polls on your YouTube community board, allowing your viewers to vote on video ideas they want to see. 

You can also do polls in Instagram stories or even just e-mail one to your list. 

Asking your viewers what they want and then making it for them means you’re listening and they’ll appreciate that. 

You can then make the video on the winning topic and post it back on your community board so all of those who wanted to see it and are likely to be highly engaged come in and watch it straight away. 

Your video topics are so important, sure it’s pretty much impossible to have every video you produce blow up, but putting the time and effort into this will help you build a following who genuinely value you.