Who are
The Underdog Collective?

We’re like you, we don’t get lucky and go viral, we put our hearts and souls into our video content and we always strive to improve but it still feels like our journey is taking too long.


The UnderDog Collective is a mixture of designers and creators that are here to help underrated creators get smart with design.


Design that helps YouTubers build subscribers, generate likes, comments and engagement in a slick and branded way that doesn’t feel like begging.

We produce YouTube animations and graphics which work with your content on any editing software as overlays so you can drive audience reaction when it matters.

We support small
YouTuber channels

We have a network of Underdog YouTube affiliates who we’ve selected as having content that’s bigger and better than their following size.


They are the Underdogs, the channels who deserve more credit than they are due and this website is a way to support them.


Purchasing a pack with an Underdog’s link will support their channel through our affiliate partnership.


By investing in graphics with us and them, you become part of the history of their channel and will help to ensure they keep making their amazing content and grow.

Meet the

Although we’re made up of designers and YouTubers, The Underdog Collective is officially just me. What you’re looking at right now is my side hustle, full time I run a video marketing company. 

After seeing too many amazing creators lose hope in their channels vision I wanted to try and support talented YouTubers by allowing them to monitize their content without a massive following. 


I also wanted to help people start their own side businesses to help them build a lifestyle or income. That’s why i’m documenting the creation of this business on the Underdog YouTube channel.


I’ll be showing you how to start a side business, market it and will take you through everything that goes wrong. Because you only ever really learn from your mistakes and experiences and hiding the bad ones would mean hiding some of the most useful information going. 

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